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About Our Owner

Voula Makropoulos, LE

Our philosophy is simple.

Provide healthy, effective skincare with exemplary customer service. 

We believe in treating our clients' success as important as our own, and value a true partnership with everyone we at Aluov have the pleasure to work with.

"My journey in creating Aluov Skin Care began in 2014 when I wanted to fulfill what I saw as a need in the professional skincare industry to offer not only great products, but the great service to back them up.

Each Skincare product is crafted with care and consideration to the health and well being of the skin. The ingredients I choose must come from the most natural sources available, and their effectiveness proven. I strongly believe that you will love the results you'll see and enjoy the excellence in care you receive.


So often busy salon owners and estheticians get lost in the shuffle of big corporate skincare companies and get pressured to offer overpriced services and sell a whole bunch of products they don't even know what to do with. This turns people off to the industry because they believe its all about the sale.  Well not here at Aluov.  I am changing all that, by offering completely affordable premium professional skincare with accessible customer service.  Sure, we will recommend products but it is your choice and there is no pressure, EVER to buy."


- Voula Makropoulos Licensed Esthetician 

Voula is a licensed esthetician and creative visionary. She is deeply committed to educating herself first, so she can then be a resource to support her clients' success. Her passion and drive to create the best possible experience for her clients shines through each Skincare Product and every client interaction. 


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